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July 08, 2007

Liars' League is 'le cool'. Apparently.

Liarsleaguelogo_finalNever got round to posting this little project I helped to start but we're getting some pretty favourable buzz. Don't take my word for it. Le Cool (a weekly newsletter with what's hot) says:

These are great times for London's grass-roots literature; the London Lit Plus festival is going great guns, there's Litro getting literature onto the tube, and now this rather neat idea. It's simple. Writers submit short stories on whatever the month's theme is - this week it's Sex and Death, which should be meat and drink for most writers I know. Then, above a pub, naturally, a gang of actors read the best ones aloud, in suitably gripping/seductive voices to the adoring throng (i.e. you lot). You lot cheer wildly; the actors bow; beer is drunk and everyone goes home happy as you like. Like all the best ideas - simple.

What more can I say? This Tuesday at the Lamb in Conduit Street, London, 7pm. www.liarsleague.org

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