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June 24, 2007

6 degrees of Wikipedia

If you're bored at work here's a mild diversion which proves strangely addictive (or perhaps that's just me).

1. Select a destination: a pop group, film, well, anything really, so say The Manic Street Preachers
2. Click on the Wikipedia Random Page
3. Try to get to your chosen destination in the fewest steps
4. Er... that's it.

So, then
1. Deepak Singh Meher (No? Me neither. An Indian Fame Academy-style show contestent apparently) to...
2. Fame Gurukul (said show) to...
3. Fame Academy to...
4. Edith Bowman (DJ and Fame Academy winner) to...
5. Top of the Pops to...
6. Britpop to...
7. The Manics

Well, maybe not 6 but I bet it could be done more quickly.

Update: naturally there is a page on Wikipedia all about this

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