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December 17, 2004

Go slow this Christmas

a Gentleman's Commonplace -> Angermann -> we make money not art -> Treehugger -> slowLab

slowLab is a New York-based not-for-profit inspired by the slowfood movement. I particularly like one of the projects that they've developed: slowWater:

...students examined the perceived value of water to humanity and how in cultures that have a surplus, there is often an instant gratification and lack of thought given to water consumption. They created a product that allowed for a build-up in anticipation rather than a sense of entitlement as it relates to drinking water.
This table water system delivers water at a speed determined by the liveliness and activity at the table itself. When conversation and movement flow, so does the water, as the vibrations are translated from the table to the "fountain".
The project presents a new program for the "on/off" switch while also enabling, through its sculptural form, a pause for contemplation of one of the most vital elements in life.

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