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December 21, 2004


As noted below, I've been wanting to get more of a sense of how many people read this blog via news feed readers. Suw has pointed me in the direction of Feedburner which you may all know about. But if you don't, do have a gander: it does exactly what I was looking for and more (and for free too - bargain).

I've changed my feed now, not that the old one won't work, but this might work better in more browsers etc: the A Gentleman's Commplace feed

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I use feedburner too and it provides detailed stats. However, I cant publish my feed with it so I use a new Free online service called http://www.rapidfeeds.com . It allows me to create, publish and also track my feeds. It's super easy to use and I created my first feed in just 3 steps... It's great!

Posted by: George | Feb 13, 2005 7:11:37 PM