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October 26, 2004

The Return of Vote-Pairing

In 2000 the most innovative use of the net was probably the appearance of NaderTrader - one of a number of websites designed to encourage voters for Ralph Nader in swing states to back Gore in return for a Democrat voter in a 'safe' state (e.g. a California where Dems win hands down or Texas where there isn't a cat in hell's chance of a Dem win) voting Nader.

Surprisingly, this year has seen little chatter about this but according to law professor Jamin Raskin, a reprise (backed by some heavyweight legal pro bono support) could get Kerry the crucial votes he needs: The Return of Vote-Pairing

What's more, Nader seems to be backing the scheme:

On Oct. 9, he appeared on C-Span and listened to a question from a caller who told him that she loved him but worried that voting for him "could allow George Bush to get into office." At that point, Nader directed progressives worried about a Bush victory to go to VotePair.Org, whose URL was put on the screen by C-Span.

Link: VotePair

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