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September 15, 2004

Protecting the right to protest

Lovely anecdote from Johann Hari at Harry's Place from the Republican National Convention a few weeks back:

There was a small group of very aggressive anarchist protestors called the No Police State Coalition. They were chanting about "the 9/11 cover-up", jeering at the pro-Kerry protestors, and trying to pick a fight with the fairly laid-back police.
I was walking backwards, scribbling down some details about them, when a cop stopped me. "Excuse me sir - you are obstructing the No Police State Coalition's path. Could you step aside so they can march please?"
I laughed. Then I looked at the cop again and he was totally straight-faced. I stepped aside.
The marchers roared on, cursing "the pigs" as they went.

The fuller story with links to his excellent reports from the RNC are here.

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