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August 30, 2004

Who reads blogs in August anyway?

I've been in Greece for the last fortnight (not at the Olympics), hence no posting - I didn't even catch a glimpse of an internet cafe and only used the word 'broadband' once (and instantly regretted it).

This is good for the soul, I suspect, as I have engaged in sustained, long-term attention span reading about issues other than politics, technology, sustainability and the correct way to make a dry gin martini.* Too often I find by the end of July that my attention span is less than that of a goldfish with ADD, meaning that I fly through the links on the web rarely stopping to hit 'read more' or 'page 2' and certainly not taking anything in properly.

So here's to an Indian Summer, some thoughts on time and more patience on my part.


* However, on returning I find Ben Hammersley recommends Bombay Saphire. Taste is a subjective issue, clearly, but I must recommend Plymouth Gin or Tanqueray, as the botanicals in the BS don't work so well with the vermouth (Noilly Pratt, preferably).

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