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May 11, 2004

Racing through the slow book

I am currently commissioning authors for a book on time and sustainability: does a sense of time make an understanding of human impact on the planet easier? Do we need a different perspective on time? Do other cultures think differently about time? Can we control our use of time better?

So when listening to the radio as I took a multitude of boxes (packaging left over from my recent house move) to the municipal tip near the river Thames in Wandsworth and heard Canadian journalist Carl Honore talking about In Praise of Slow I was delighted - this confirmed that we are clearly onto a good thing.

Curiously, though, the book has very large type and thick paper, making what ought to be a 250pp book into a 320pp tome that is somewhat of a terror on the tube in the rush hour (perhaps intentionally). The effect is, though, that for something that could be a leisurely read, I am positively racing through it.

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