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April 16, 2004

Whatever happened to Saddam's doubles?

Last year, just as the war in Iraq got underway I wrote the first draft of a short play featuring a nameless dictator and three body doubles. The process of buying my new home rather got in the way of running some workshops with some actors and actually putting on a reading or performance of the play.

It looks, however, possible that I might get round to a rehearsed reading in June, so do watch this space. It was thinking about this, though, that reminded me, 'What did happen to Saddam Hussein's infamous body doubles?'

After all, there was much joking during his capture last year about whether it was the real Saddam after all. Certainly conspiracy sites have taken up the cudgels in a Man in the Iron Mask story about some poor Iraqi actor suffering whilst the real thing is chomping on a cigar out of harms way (probably with Lord Lucan and Elvis...). At less sceptical level, I would be interested to know what has happened to these doubles. Do they seek further plastic surgery? Do they seek an agent in Hollywood for the sequel to Three Kings? Or do they knuckle down to sorting out their lives and returning to whatever level of normality is available in modern Iraq?

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what happened to saddam did they kill him or is her in a max. prison?

Posted by: mike | May 10, 2004 2:44:10 PM

Secure location, I think. Well, that is if you think it's him. Doubt it is the kind of info the Pentagon will go about telling us all, is it?

Posted by: Tim | May 10, 2004 3:53:48 PM

I read this UPI Story on the net today that
one of the Arab soldiers that was present when
Saddamm was captured, says the one we saw on
on TV was made one day later and that the
actual capture involved a shoot out with
Saddamm himself firing from an upstairs window
and not in a mole hole.

Has anyone seen anything new on this.
If so, then we been hoodwinked with propoganda
again. Are we that stupid or are they (the Bush
Hogs) that good?

Posted by: Jim S. | Mar 10, 2005 9:40:06 PM