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April 14, 2004

A much more useful word

Discommend: Dis`com*mend"\, v. t. 1. To mention with disapprobation; to blame; to disapprove. [R.] --Spenser. from Webster's via Dictionary.com

How on earth have I got through my life without this word? Odd really, when you think about it: there always seems much more to discommend than recommend. Look at any list of cinematic 'recommendations' in the newspapers and three weeks in four most films reviewed muster more than a couple of stars (though I'd better not start on the paucity of the star-rating system). Look at any round up of recent fiction: how many receive more than mild approbation for having the jumped-up temerity to put finger to keyboard, let alone posting the resultant ordure to an agent?

No, in sum, discommend is a word we should be using much more often.

(Thanks to Joseph O'Connor and his surprising good Star of the Sea (which I do recommend for use of the word)

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