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Tim Kitchin


Do talk to Tim Wilson of www.historicfutures.com on this topic.

Our shared view would be that RFID is just the tip of the iceberg on traceability...

RFID enables the physical location of products, but what matters more is their embodiment of externalities. This requires a trace of products AND processes AND processors AND policies.

It them requires this information to be placed in the hands of the true decision-maker - the end consumer.

Historic Futures software permits this.
Fashion label ROMP are the first to actually DO it.

PS. See my piece on value-chain integrity at www.glasshousepartnership.com for a deeper exploration.

Tim Aldrich


Thanks for the pointer to Tim at Historic Futures. I've just been on the phone to Tim, ahem, Greg at ROMP about what they are doing.


Tim Kitchin

Good for you!

ROMP really deserves to succeed. Where they lead...


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