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m v ramakrishnan

Dear Sir,

Greetings from Chennai, India.

About us

We are an event/marketing consultancy company offering services on events, training, consultancy, recruitment etc.

More about services

a. Training - Mainly on soft skills like stress/performance/relationship management, relaxation technique, communication skills, positive mental attitude etc.
b. Recruitment – Outsourcing is done in terms of recruiting, training, constant monitoring etc.
c. Event-Indoor – We do training and other entertainment both at engaged auditorium or customers’ premises
d. Event-Outdoor – Mainly this is designed for corporates who prefer training and entertainment activities including trekking, mountaineering, yoga, games etc.
e. Marketing consultancy – Helping corporates to develop sales through strengthening networking, training sales team etc. Also helping non-indian companies to establish their base in India.
f. Sales Materials – Creating catalogues, brochures, web sites, annual reports and digital display scrolling boards.
g. Sales Academy – Training and offering man power to corporates-both fresh and experienced.
h. Corporate Tai-Chi and Yoga – Tips and exercise to corporates to stay vigor through the day including self defense for women employees.

How we market our services

a. We have full fledged direct sales and telemarketing executives who will meet customers directly and do the demonstration.
b. We are conducting awareness events about our products and inviting marketing and HR/Training heads to visit to have clear cut idea and implement in their premises.
c. Periodical write-up in business magazines

Purpose of this mail

We have visited your website and impressed. We would like to associate with your company so that through our networking, we can market your products/services for all existing services.

Why India

India is emerging with a strong economy by continuous flow of foreign investment. Every known company especially outsourcing /software/IT industries in the world wants to have base in India. Educated, low-cost manpower and a favourable work culture are the advantages. Population is another advantage to market any product in India.

How are we performing in training areas

We offer “trance therapy” before we start event activities where our qualified therapists are taking the audience to “alpha level” to prepare the participants to be more receptive. Not only that, we do also blend music, meditation, mudra, breathing, yoga etc for the same purpose.

What products that we are looking for

Two important areas like a. training to trainers and b. creativity enhancement are totally untapped areas that we want to develop.

Other than that, if any of your product/service that goes along our existing services are required to blend.

What you can expect

A strong market supported by professionalism and genuineness in all aspects.

What is the next course of action

You may send all the materials, CDs wherever possible for our evaluation. If anything of your product/service can be implemented, then we can do so and forward our feed back to you.

In case if you need any more clarification, please feel free to contact us.


M V Ramakrishnan
Project Coordinator
Right Brain Power,
B-2, Flat no. 16 (new no.),
“Rajam Palace”,
Zhacharia colony-2nd street,
Choolaimedu Post Office,
Chennai-600 094
Phone : 91-44-43565675
e-mail : [email protected]

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